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How do you cope with your natural Afro hair?

Are you struggling with your natural Afro hair?

Do you know how to manage your hair ?

Everyday tips

The main advice I could give is to keep your hair moisturised. I am talking about water based products here, not oily concentrated products.

I remember watching my grandmother moisturising natural unprocessed hair with castor oil mixed with a bit of water.

Not only I loved the smell, but I loved how supple and easy to comb my hair felt.

So, have a go and tell me about your experience. Did it work for you?

Use a heat protector before applying heat

Did you know that you could literally fry your hair if you don not apply a heat protector before blow drying or straightening your hair?

Yes, it happened to me and I learned my lesson. I do not have a preference in any particular brand but I do use heat protectors regularly when I straighten my hair.

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